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We now sell fishing Sinkers we have Bank Bell Egg and other kinds of sinkers
look to the left of the page under categories to see the sinkers we have.
Thank you
Hey Dog And Cat owners get a ID tag for your dog or cat 
You can order them from us and we will make them up right here for $5 or less. No one wants to think their pet will take off but it happens every day everywhere and how frustrating if someone finds your dog and wants to return and there is a collar but no tags or the phone number isn't kept up to date. Take some time tomorrow to get a current tag for your dog and put it on that collar and keep that collar on for your pets sake and life. Such a small thing to do but so very important.
Please have a look in the Categories section 

As a professional designer of pet ID tags, our goal is to provide you with some vital information regarding tag sizing,material choices. we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions: What size tag should I buy for my pet? We have small, medium and large.  Tiny fit best on kittens and small breed dogs such as a Teacup Chihuahua.  Small tags fit wonderfully on full grown cats and dog...


Dog Bone Shape Aluminum Pet ID Tag
$ 7.95
$ 5.00
Zombucks Walker 1 oz Copper Round
$ 9.95
$ 5.95



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